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“Solve The Biggest Problem With Membership Sites…NOW!”

From the desk of Daniel Hall:

Membership sites can be wonderful sources of recurring income.

However, in order for them to be generate revenue over the long term you need to keep members coming back for more every month.

You need a good “stick rate”… meaning you must give people a reason to stick around and pay another month in dues.

The only reason they will is when the are getting disproportionately more value from their membership than the money they are paying in monthly membership fees.

And it all comes down to one thing: Quality Content!

In other words, ALL successful ongoing membership sites have need for a constant stream of high-quality content.

But There’s a Big Problem

For most people, creating the type of quality content that keeps members coming back for more month after month is a difficult time-consuming task.

Until now…

That’s why I wanted to introduce you to Super Simple Membership Content.

I realize that you are super busy with details like marketing you site and customer service.

I also realize that on top of everything else going on in your life — the last thing you need is to be saddled with yet another arduous task like devoting hours and hours monthly to creating new high-stick content.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

Yes, indeed, there are ways to crank out super-quality content that your members WILL LOVE….

And I have packed my new Super Simple Membership Content training full of the exact simple ways I create content in a jiffy and WITHOUT HEAVY LIFTING!

For examples, you’ll discover…

  • Cool ways to harness Google to create content for you
  • How to get paid to create content (yes, payment in addition to the membership dues)
  • Create massive content like some of the big-boy sites like the Huffington Post
  • Clever ways to use public domain and private label rights content
  • How to get super-stars in your niche market to contribute (yes, for free) content to your membership site (this one will really blow your mind!)
  • How to hire writers (who can actually write English) to write your content for you… CHEAP!
  • Use of digital marketplaces like Clickbank and PayDotCom in innovative way to acquire new content
  • How to get Facebook users to actually create content for you — I got to say this one is pretty slick!

I am talking this is some of my most closely-guarded stuff and I packed it all into Super Simple Membership Content.

Don’t Even Think About Launching A Membership Site Without a Constant Stream of Content

Now you can grab my membership site content creation secrets for a song…

In fact, you can get this package for only $17 and you’ll also get instant access to these online video training modules.  I intentionally made the training videos short so that you could watch them and act on them immediately.

In case, you’re worried Super Simple Membership Content is backed by my….

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You must be completely satisfied with your Super Simple Membership Content training and if you’re not just let someone at my support desk (here) know within 30-days of ordering it for a complete, no-hassles and no-questions asked refund of all of your money.


All the risk is on me… grab INSTANT ACCESS below for only $17!

Only bringing you the very best,

Daniel Hall